Executive Masters in International Logistics at Georgia Tech


The EMIL-SCS Program helps Fortune 500 companies, facing global supply chain issues, develop creative new solutions to improve supply chain efficiencies and reduce costs by grooming their supply chain executives.

Curriculum Overview

The academic program is designed to cover the extended supply chain and regional differences across Europe, Asia, Latin America and the United States. EMIL-SCS provides participants with the analytical skills and intellectual framework needed to succeed in designing and implementing a global logistics strategy. Work is spread over 18 months, allowing time to incorporate new ideas that meet sponsoring organization’s long-term supply chain goals and to develop individual skills to diagnose complex issues and define a framework for making decisions.

Twenty-eight courses have been designed specifically for EMIL-SCS. These courses are the building blocks that challenge participants to stretch beyond their past experience, to grasp new ideas and develop a better understanding of the processes used by successful leaders in logistics.

The curriculum spans five residences. Each residence is scheduled for two weeks. For additional information on the residence format, see Program Format: Residences.

EMIL-SCS’s curriculum includes demand management, finance, e-commerce, distribution facilities, manufacturing, procurement and logistics. Instructors represent the best of industry and academia, including faculty from Georgia Tech’s ISyE and Management schools, MIT, Oxford and Delft University.


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