Executive Masters in International Logistics at Georgia Tech

Financial Aid

Following a summary of the financial aid available to EMIL-SCS participants and a description of the application process. For additional information and detailed instructions, please review the website of Georgia Tech’s Office of Student Financial Planning and Services.

If you have questions after reviewing the website, please contact the Georgia Tech’s Graduate Financial Aid Officer, who is responsible for EMIL-SCS Financial Aid applications:

Aaron Gamboa
Assistant Director of Student Financial Services
Telephone: 404-894-1959
Fax: 404-894-7412

Federal Stafford Loan Program

Available for United States citizens and permanent resident aliens seeking financial assistance. Federal Stafford Loan program allows eligible students to borrow up to $9,250.00 per semester in which the student is enrolled at least half time (six or more credit hours.)

To apply for a Stafford Loan:

  • Review Applying for Financial Aid/Renew at http://www.finaid.gatech.edu/apply/.
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is available on-line at http://www.fafsa.ed.gov, or in hard copy at the financial aid offices at colleges and universities. Please note that at this time of year multiple versions of the FAFSA are available online. Please be sure to select the version of the from which corresponds with your planned attendance. Georgia Tech’s Title IV Code is 001569, which should be used when you file the FAFSA to direct your application to Georgia Tech.
  • Submit the Georgia Tech Application for Financial Aid and Scholarships. Again, please note that at this time there are multiple versions of the form online at The Georgia Tech Financial Aid Application. Please be sure to complete the version of the form corresponding to your planned terms of attendance.

Important Facts

  • You must apply for financial aid
  • GT Applications are due every summer for Fall and Spring Semesters
  • There is a separate GT Application due for Summer Term
  • FAFSA is filled out and submitted annually
  • You may gain additional private funding outside the Stafford Loan Program in order to meet the total cost of the EMIL-SCS Program


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