Executive Masters in International Logistics at Georgia Tech

Case Studies

Rather than pursue a traditional Master's thesis, Executive Master’s in International Logistics Program participants work in teams to complete an 18-month Global Supply Chain Project. Participants and sponsoring companies use this project as an opportunity to apply Ga. Tech's vast knowledge resources to a critical supply chain concern.

Participants work together to identify opportunities across the global supply chain to remove costs, speed cycle time or enhance revenue. Most projects provide a minimum savings of $1,000,000 and are designed to provide significant value to the sponsoring organizations. Example projects from past EMIL-SCS classes are listed below.

Dramatically Increasing Inventory Visibility and Velocity
A large international retailer teamed with a 3PL to optimize distribution from 2 domestic warehouses through 55 pool points to 4500 stores. Increased inventory visibility and velocity produced initial savings calculated at $3,500,000.

Optimizing Inbound Logistics
A leading automotive manufacturer reduced costs by working with Georgia Tech to develop an inbound logistics optimization system. Efficiencies improved across 4000 suppliers, 31 power-train plants, 13 stamping plants, 54 assembly plants and approximately ½ million tons of in-transit freight per day.

Reduced Inventory and Improved Cycle Time
A large chip manufacturer achieved $124 million in savings with a 28 day reduction in inventory and reduced cycle time from 10 weeks to 2 weeks.

Reduced Stock-outs and Improved Operational Efficiency
A large Latin American retailer achieved a 10% reduction in inventory of $1.7 million with a 5% reduction in stock-outs for a gain in operational efficiency of $922,000 annually.

Reduction in Inventory and Improved Visibility
A large multinational conglomerate in one company vertically reduced inventory by 26% and cut cycle time by 10 days to achieve a one-time savings of @22 million in net cash flow.


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